When he's not creating and expressing some of the world's great brands, Dexter Ford has ridden, driven and flown a wide range of high-speed machines, motorcycled all over the planet, and played tag with a few plus-sized wild creatures. Then brought the experiences back alive, in world-class publications like the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Automobile, Motor Trend and Motorcyclist magazines.

He has ridden a BMW across China, flown an F-18 upside-down, and raced a superbike against a future world champ. Flown his own high-performance plane across America. Dived at night, alone, with Escalade-sized manta rays. Interviewed Robert Redford as he slid an NSX around Sundance. Kayaked with killer whales. And even told short jokes to Tom Cordner.

The point: He knows how to grab somebody's attention. To tell a compelling story. And bring his unique brand of humor, spontaneity and creativity to the party.

Some recent writings:

Full-Throttle Journalism: Dexter Ford